Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know coups...

Sup girl,

My name is Fulgencio Batista... yeah, you heard me... Ful-gen-cho Ba-Tees-Ta. And let me tell ya right here that I know coups. That's what I said, I practically invented the mother fuckers... Cuba 1952. Yeah, that's right. Look it up. That's my face y'all. My face.

Now there has been some discussion about this New York state senate "Coup." Apparently some lame sauce democrats decided they were going to switch sides and vote for a Republican. Bitch, that ain't a coup. That's just two lame ass retardos. And as the saying goes, two lame ass retardos does not a coup make.

My name is Fulgencio Batista, and I'm the sassiest mother fucking dictator you ever seen. I'm also the coup king, so don't even try to put your dick around my coup mastery.

Deal with it, girl. Deal with it.

Fulgencio out.

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