Thursday, June 11, 2009

Batista's back y'all and citing his sources

Sup bitches.

According to wikipedia, a coup d'etat is this:

"A coup d'état (pronounced /kuːdeɪˈtɑː/ AHD: [ko͞o"dā tä]), and coup, is the sudden, unconstitutional deposition of a legitimate government, by a small group of the State Establishment — usually the military — to replace the deposed government with another, either civil or military. A coup d’état succeeds when the usurpers establish their legitimacy if the attacked government fail to thwart them, by allowing their (strategic, tactical, political) consolidation and then receiving the deposed government’s surrender; or the acquiescence of the populace and the non-participant military forces."

According to New York Senate a coup is defined as this:

"Two whiny ass democrats decide that one day they want to try on the red hat and as they're tripping balls on the conservative drug high they feeling they decide: 'why the fuck not, let's vote with these lame ass rightwingers for once.' And then everyone gets up in arms because people ain't doing what they want them to do. Two stupid ass democrats, that's what a coup is."

According to Batista, moi, a coup is as follows:

"A badass mother fucking take over of government and then the simultaneous persecution of the nation's people."

Naw, what you think is the correct answer? You answer wrong and I'm going to go all batista on yo' ass.

My name is Batista and this is MY blog.

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